Öffentlicher Test von CONTENIDO 4.9.0 hat begonnen!

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Öffentlicher Test von CONTENIDO 4.9.0 hat begonnen!

Beitrag von dominik.ziegler » Do 5. Apr 2012, 15:06

Liebe Community,
seit heute stellen wir euch auf unserer Internetseite http://www.contenido.org die neue Version 4.9.0 in der ersten Alpha-Version zum Testen zur Verfügung. Bitte beachtet, dass diese Version ausdrücklich NICHT für den produktiven Einsatz empfohlen wird. Diese Version befindet sich im Alpha-Stadium und kann daher noch Fehler beinhalten.

Ihr seid hiermit dazu eingeladen, die neue Version ausgiebig zu testen.
Download-Link: http://www.contenido.org/get_alpha_release

Eine Übersicht der neuen Funktionen und Anpassungen konntet ihr bereits im Vorfeld aus einigen Vorankündigungen in diesem Thema lesen. Das komplette Changelog der Änderungen umfasst über 100 abgearbeitete Tickets und kann in dem unteren Beitrag eingesehen werden. Für Version Alpha 2 sind ebenfalls noch einmal weitreichende Änderungen geplant.

Das Feedback zu dieser Version könnt ihr in unseren neuen Unterforen für CONTENIDO 4.9 schreiben. Auf Basis eures Feedbacks und den bisherigen weiteren Planungen werden wir dann Version Alpha 2 veröffentlichen.

Für Entwickler haben wir bereits ein erstes Dokument mit Änderungen am System verfasst. Bitte beachtet, dass es nicht ausschließlich bei diesen Änderungen bleibt und mit Version Alpha 2 ebenfalls noch einmal Änderungen am System gemacht werden.
Das Dokument könnt ihr hier einsehen: http://www.contenido.org/de/upload/chan ... alpha1.pdf
Viele Grüße

Beiträge: 434
Registriert: Do 19. Jun 2008, 09:09

Re: Öffentlicher Test von CONTENIDO 4.9.0 hat begonnen!

Beitrag von dominik.ziegler » Do 5. Apr 2012, 15:07

Changelog Release 4.9.0 Alpha 1
** Bug
* [CON-266] - Upgrade/Migration not possible without xmlwriter extension
* [CON-306] - Inconsistent configuration of integrated caching feature
* [CON-331] - Newsletter recipients import and diacritics
* [CON-334] - Generic DB does not handle NOT NULL fields
* [CON-348] - Garbled con_cat_tree caused by generating a new tree
* [CON-354] - PHP-Error in Area Modul-Package if css/js/tpl-dir not exists
* [CON-357] - You can't use two instances of CMS-FILELIST within same article
* [CON-358] - CMS_TEASER: no output if sort by publisheddate is selected
* [CON-359] - Using more than one CMS_TYPE causes multiple jQuery script calls
* [CON-362] - Custom file extensions in CMS_FILELIST are ignored
* [CON-363] - german umlaute are not replaced in filemanager
* [CON-365] - Only logins are logged in administration->logs
* [CON-366] - class.update.notifier.php throws multiple fopen errors
* [CON-369] - Wrong datatype for in_array haystack in linkchecker
* [CON-371] - No reset of template object in some example client modules
* [CON-372] - Limited check period of update notifier is displayed wrong in backend settings page when set under 60 minutes
* [CON-373] - Multiple replacements of title tags
* [CON-374] - Newsletter encoding is ignored due to wrong parameter values
* [CON-375] - purgetools: cleaning only one client causes Illegal Call
* [CON-378] - Error while trying to get the frontend path of a non existing client in backend header
* [CON-380] - MySQL 5.5 is not supported due to deprecated CREATE TABLE syntax
* [CON-381] - Various bugs in versioning feature
* [CON-385] - Fallback login page front_crcloginform.inc.php does not work
* [CON-386] - Redirections in front_content.php are not forced with exit
* [CON-391] - CMS_DATE error after Update to 4.8.14
* [CON-392] - Article Timeschedule problem in Release: 4.8.12
* [CON-395] - Unneeded code in include.lay_overview.inc.php
* [CON-396] - CSS issue with CMS_TEASER/CMS_FILELIST within absolute positioned nodes
* [CON-399] - Wrong condition in Contenido_Url::parse() function
* [CON-401] - Check reported issue with synchronization of renamed/deleted upload folder via FTP
* [CON-402] - Groupname shown for frontenduser are broken with german umlaute
* [CON-404] - Missing dbfs URL creation in CMS type CMS_IMG
* [CON-405] - FEUser-Plugins valide_to and valide_from saving wrong time
* [CON-406] - TinyMCE: Idart is missing in url using anchor-feature of TinyMCE
* [CON-413] - Item class method loadBy() does not find filtered id values
* [CON-414] - Not workings links and not filled template variable in backend statistic
* [CON-421] - Users can be added without password
* [CON-423] - Empty array breaks SQL query for content allocation matching
* [CON-444] - Inconsistent return value store() function in classes extending GenericDB Item
* [CON-445] - Calling system overview in BE may throw a db connect error
* [CON-446] - Linkchecker whitelist works not correct
* [CON-451] - Deleting upload item doesn't deletes entries in upload meta table
* [CON-452] - class.request.php transforms arrays to NULL values as of PHP 5.3.0
* [CON-453] - Multiple categories switch on/off if one category is toggled
* [CON-454] - Special characters in files can cause duplication of entries in con_upl
* [CON-463] - Searching for article ID 0 leads into display error
* [CON-464] - Removal of upgrade error log display
* [CON-470] - Ampersand is displayed wrong in category creation
* [CON-471] - Display problem with headline in language creation
* [CON-481] - Gettext extension is never used
* [CON-496] - Menu frame in tab "Logs" contains image for left frame
* [CON-497] - Multple tab selection on dashboard links
* [CON-523] - Special characters in Content Allocation

** Improvement
* [CON-251] - Checking write permissions in cms-folder during migration setup
* [CON-301] - Reduction of database queries for category tree in "Content -> categories"
* [CON-327] - Inconsistent and not performant retrieving of properties
* [CON-332] - Old password is overwritten with new one using password-request
* [CON-376] - Display error message on database connection failure
* [CON-379] - Info in backend home is missing when no clients are available for dropdown box
* [CON-382] - Remove integration of old unspported java module editor
* [CON-383] - Remove old compatibility functions for PHP versions older 4.3.0
* [CON-384] - Move function declaration of IP_match from front_content.php
* [CON-387] - Provide error message on database failures
* [CON-403] - Show info in dashboard if maintenance is active
* [CON-407] - Relabeling from Contenido to CONTENIDO
* [CON-416] - Change german translation for template from "Template" to "Vorlage"
* [CON-417] - Cleanup of conlib database drivers
* [CON-430] - Change default definition for path and url configuration
* [CON-456] - Separate DBFS for each client
* [CON-457] - Move client path and URL to filesystem
* [CON-472] - config.local.php is included too late in frontend
* [CON-474] - Replace Tip Baloon and wztooltip with jQuery plugin Tipsy
* [CON-477] - Delete offline articles and invisible categories on language deletion, too
* [CON-482] - Extend memory_limit check in setup process to 32M
* [CON-484] - Merge cApiUser with class ConUser
* [CON-485] - Improve error logging
* [CON-495] - Redesign of system variable page
* [CON-505] - Global debug mode for backend
* [CON-506] - Remove own inuse-entries in editor for current object
* [CON-507] - Include config.local.php and config.after.php also in dbfs.php
* [CON-510] - Return of rendered code in cHTML classes by calling their object as string
* [CON-517] - Remove unused entries from cfg_language_de.inc.php
* [CON-518] - Change behaviour of example module Title_Tag
* [CON-519] - Limit the year selection to current year in log view
* [CON-553] - Normalization of API classes

** New Feature
* [CON-84] - Integration of mod_rewrite
* [CON-335] - Autoloader for contenido classes
* [CON-361] - Check permission for FE-User in Navigation_Meta
* [CON-412] - Move modules from database to filesystem
* [CON-418] - Add new content type CMS_IMAGE
* [CON-419] - Add new content type CMS_LINKEDITOR
* [CON-462] - Integration of social media modules into example client
* [CON-466] - Inconsistent behaviour of feedback messages
* [CON-476] - Extend setup checks with maximum PHP version support
* [CON-480] - Implement new function cDeprecated
* [CON-501] - New standard modules: Piwik and Google Analytics Support
* [CON-503] - Notice on big logfiles
* [CON-516] - Drag and drop feature for file manager
* [CON-534] - Integration of frontend groupmember selection

** Task
* [CON-278] - Checkup of whole setup procedure
* [CON-355] - delete old SubNavigation-Files and DB-Elements
* [CON-360] - Identify the "inuse"-tabledata as a title by Itemname
* [CON-367] - Setup: Additional link to Contenido FAQ on resultpage
* [CON-389] - Updates of localization
* [CON-394] - Check setting include_path configuration for PEAR
* [CON-420] - Update of jQuery and jQuery UI
* [CON-422] - Remove unused file config.xml.php
* [CON-425] - Move newsletter related resources to plugin folder
* [CON-426] - Porting cDatatype classes to PHP5
* [CON-429] - Move database connectivity check to class constructor
* [CON-432] - Removal of con_sequence
* [CON-436] - Replacing syntax highlighting editor Editarea with CodeMirror
* [CON-439] - Changes in module import and export and removal of package overview
* [CON-460] - Removal of is_start compatibility mode
* [CON-461] - Removal of "he_SS" as backend language
* [CON-473] - Porting cHTML classes to PHP5
* [CON-479] - Footnotes in english demo client are not translated
* [CON-498] - Removal of old module file storage support
* [CON-513] - Test and fix upgrade from 4.8.15 to 4.9.0-alpha1
* [CON-524] - Port HTML_Common to cHTML
* [CON-545] - Various tasks on localization
* [CON-551] - Update system requirement checks
Viele Grüße