Beta-Version von CONTENIDO 4.9 jetzt verfügbar

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Beta-Version von CONTENIDO 4.9 jetzt verfügbar

Beitrag von dominik.ziegler » Fr 2. Nov 2012, 16:46

Liebe Community,
es gibt einen neuen Release und zur Abwechslung betrifft das heute mal wieder die Version 4.9 von CONTENIDO. Ab sofort steht die Beta-Version kostenlos zum Testen bereit!

Bitte beachtet, dass diese Version NICHT für den produktiven Einsatz empfohlen wird.

:arrow: Download von CONTENIDO 4.9 Beta 1:

Ähnlich wie bei den ersten beiden Alpha-Versionen, umfasst das Changelog der Änderungen wieder über 100 abgearbeitete Tickets und kann wie gewohnt im unteren Beitrag eingesehen werden. Die Änderungen am Grundsystem sind planmäßig abgeschlossen. Für die nachfolgende Version ist demnach nicht mehr mit fundamentalen Änderungen am Core zu rechnen. Dies bedeutet allerdings nicht, dass wir keine neuen Funktionen mehr einbauen werden. Technische Änderungen, die zwischen Alpha 3 und Beta 1 durchgeführt wurden, könnt ihr in Kürze wie gewohnt dem Entwickler-Dokument entnehmen.
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Beiträge: 434
Registriert: Do 19. Jun 2008, 09:09

Re: Beta-Version von CONTENIDO 4.9 jetzt verfügbar

Beitrag von dominik.ziegler » Fr 2. Nov 2012, 16:46

Release 4.9.0 Beta 1
** Bug
* [CON-666] - Invalid code in contenido/scripts/boxes.upl_files_overview.js
* [CON-689] - Invalid usage of cGuiPage->addScript() in Newsletter plugin and todo popup.
* [CON-693] - Duplicated articles get wrong lastmodify time
* [CON-696] - Missing hover effects on bulk editing links in article overview
* [CON-697] - Messed up design for tagging table in Content - Articles
* [CON-699] - Category configuration with trailing arrow in breadcrumb and misbehaviour on tabs
* [CON-700] - Module versioning issues
* [CON-702] - Untranslated and not existing actions
* [CON-703] - Various bugs in workflow plugin
* [CON-705] - Debug classes directory begins with uppercase character
* [CON-709] - Language chooser executes actions twice
* [CON-712] - Update of url retrieval in TinyMCE due to removed support for link generator
* [CON-713] - Password forgot mail displays html entities
* [CON-716] - Wrong item reference after calling createNewItem(), select() and next() of ItemCollection
* [CON-719] - cApiIsImageMagickAvailable() returns true although IM is not installed
* [CON-720] - PHP Warning on area tab of rights management page
* [CON-729] - Changing the property "show debug messages"does not work properly
* [CON-730] - Two recurring PHP warnings after new installation
* [CON-738] - Check content type CMS_DATE completely
* [CON-740] - Malformed meta elements created by CONTENIDO
* [CON-743] - module xml_sitemap uses 100% CPU
* [CON-746] - Bad module CSS positioning
* [CON-749] - Multiple declared functions and classes with same name
* [CON-757] - Wrong Entry After Deleting an Item from the ItemCollection
* [CON-758] - modified META title of an article is not displayed before code cache is cleaned
* [CON-759] - User is created although password is marked as insecure
* [CON-760] - client settings are displayed escaped
* [CON-761] - client settings cannot store JSON expressions
* [CON-762] - AMR prevents display of error pages under certain circumstances
* [CON-763] - Unsetting attributes of cHTMLImage
* [CON-768] - Backend File Search Does Not Work Properly
* [CON-773] - Layout descriptions are not escaped
* [CON-776] - Mail Logging Encoding Problem
* [CON-792] - typo in function name (cApiImageGetTragetDimensions)
* [CON-798] - Creating default object from empty value in file management
* [CON-807] - Url shortener Error while creating a new article

** Improvement
* [CON-504] - Global mailer class
* [CON-640] - Update of third party libraries
* [CON-656] - Cleanup old data folder
* [CON-657] - Move global variables $errsite_idcat and $errsite_idart to global variable $cfgClient.
* [CON-658] - Optimize filling/setup of $cfgClient.
* [CON-678] - Unify code of rights pages
* [CON-681] - Port remaining PHP4 classes to PHP5
* [CON-695] - Add 10 as new default setting for items per page in article overview and file management
* [CON-698] - Redirection to file upload if directory is empty
* [CON-701] - Add new configurations for disabling hook and plugin system
* [CON-711] - Implement exception handling
* [CON-717] - Versioning files should be deleted when the corresponding component is deleted
* [CON-718] - Improvements for creating new meta tags
* [CON-721] - Improvements on cRequestValidator
* [CON-722] - Move cInitializeArrayKey to cArray::initializeKey
* [CON-739] - Replace message box popups with jQuery UI Dialog
* [CON-741] - Implement an empty format for CMS_DATE
* [CON-745] - Do not show left frame on Extras - Tagging page
* [CON-764] - Merge log pages
* [CON-777] - CMS_TEASER Delete Old/Outdated Content Types
* [CON-783] - Change behaviour of untranslated module translations
* [CON-796] - Add feature to load case insensitive class name files to autoloader

** New Feature
* [CON-633] - Rewrite of the existent Contenido_Category classes
* [CON-635] - Port auth conlib classes to new cAuth classes
* [CON-636] - Port database conlib classes to new cDb classes
* [CON-652] - Implement new checkbox "Searchable / Indexable" for articles
* [CON-653] - URL Shortener
* [CON-686] - Drag and drop for category management page
* [CON-687] - Implement getter functions for paths and URLs
* [CON-692] - mi18n should support %s
* [CON-710] - Client switcher in backend header
* [CON-714] - Add synchronizing to bulk editing
* [CON-715] - Check password forgot functionality
* [CON-724] - Reload left menu frame if deletion of file in file management causes empty folder
* [CON-725] - Implement a system integrity check page in backend
* [CON-726] - Implement cApiFileInformation and cApiFileInformationCollection
* [CON-727] - Replace PEAR package RSS Reader
* [CON-728] - Rework getEncodingByLanguage to use cApiLanguage
* [CON-731] - PIM: Implement setup and uninstall plugin routine
* [CON-732] - PIM: Implement generic db classes for con_plugins and con_plugins_rel
* [CON-733] - Implement generic db classes for con_nav_main and con_nav_sub
* [CON-734] - PIM: Implement backend views for displaying plugins and related actions
* [CON-735] - PIM: Implement update routine for plugins
* [CON-736] - PIM: Implement possibility to execute custom SQL queries
* [CON-737] - PIM: Add installation of plugin manager into setup and update process
* [CON-747] - Automatic code cache refresh
* [CON-750] - Integration of salted passwords
* [CON-772] - Add possibility to add backend notifications statically
* [CON-775] - CONTENIDO should generate a meta tag which outputs INDEX or NOINDEX
* [CON-785] - Implement a link getter for articles and categories
* [CON-786] - Implement configuration flag for logging deprecations
* [CON-793] - Implement setting of administrator password in setup
* [CON-794] - Rename database table con_phplib_auth_user_md5 to con_user
* [CON-804] - Display refresh button in setup process if system test fails

** Task
* [CON-427] - Move definition of managed system properties to XML file
* [CON-539] - Separate Workflow to plugin
* [CON-603] - Check of include.grouprights_details.php
* [CON-682] - Deprecate class Article_Property
* [CON-683] - Deprecate outdated classes
* [CON-704] - Rename Contenido_Url and Contenido_UrlBuilder to cUri and cUriBuilder
* [CON-707] - Unify systems constant name prefixes
* [CON-723] - Port Contenido_UpgradeJob to upgrade steps folder
* [CON-751] - Rename LayoutInFile and SynchronizeLayouts to cLayoutHandler and cLayoutSynchronizer
* [CON-765] - Restore older version of phpmailer
* [CON-771] - Remove meta tag file cache
* [CON-774] - PIM: Upgrade script for existing fields in con_plugins
* [CON-779] - PIM: Display errors and infos
* [CON-780] - Add support for PHP 5.4 installations
* [CON-781] - PIM: Installation without archive files
* [CON-782] - PIM: Remove plugin installation from setup process
* [CON-787] - Add default module translations
* [CON-797] - Remove migration type completely from setup
* [CON-802] - PIM: Update structure of existing plugins for new PIM logic
* [CON-805] - Move chains from plugin folder to includes
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