Contenido 4.10.1 steht zum Download

Fragen zur Installation von CONTENIDO 4.10? Probleme bei der Konfiguration? Hinweise oder Fragen zur Entwicklung des Systemes oder zur Sicherheit?
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Contenido 4.10.1 steht zum Download

Beitrag von mattmarr » So 3. Nov 2019, 13:27


Wie ich gesehen habe gibt es auf bereits Contenido 4.10.1 zum Download.

Im Changelog findet man folgende Infos zum Update:
Release 4.10.1
** Bug
* [CON-2815] Additional whitespace when editing article title in article overview
* [CON-2811] Parameter marked as deprecated affects the whole function
* [CON-2810] Invalid view of cumulated search statistics
* [CON-2805] Wrong replacement of module CSS after title or after opening head tag
* [CON-2798] Remove not used template placeholder from template.stat_top.html
* [CON-2791] Output of articles in module content_sitemap_html doesn't work
* [CON-2786] Provide missing German tranlations for TinyMCE 3 plugins
* [CON-2776] Article overview creates an SQL-Error in a specific MySQL-Mode
* [CON-2774] CMS_FILELIST: Checked manual selection checkbox without any selected files results in a warning
* [CON-2652] Content / Categories: "Overview" tab is not highlighted
* [CON-2647] Content / Articles: Clicking on tab "Overview" highlights "Settings" first
* [CON-2612] Newsletter module has several bugs

** New Feature
* [CON-2814] SIWECOS in CONTENIDO Backend
* [CON-2812] PIFA: delete data

** Improvement
* [CON-2800] Create class cRights from functions in include.rights.php
* [CON-2795] CONTENIDO stylesheets
* [CON-2741] Amending documentation of plugins